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Il gobbo – The Hunchback

June 29, 2018
Dante – Monteriggioni
June 29, 2018
L’Agresto – Rievocazione storica (The Verjuice – Historical re-enactment)
June 29, 2018

Hunchbacked and toothless, insolent, irreverent, he has something for everyone, He mocks the poor and the powerful alike, but "his vacant look should not mislead, since to the tyrant for a penny he sells his deeds...".
Malevolent by nature, bent but never broken, he observes and studies, showing off his diversity with the generosity of someone who has nothing to lose. He grabs people with a direct look, which often explodes in a sudden laugh, displacing the unwary spectator.
He makes fun of power and takes advantage of his unfortunate condition in order to become the untouchable witness of every wickedness, just like any freak does.


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