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Messer Lurinetto

June 28, 2018
Trio Morgau
June 28, 2018
Novus Amor
June 28, 2018

For about fifteen years Ugogiulio Lurini, in the role of Messer Lurinetto, has been assiduously attending the medieval festivals of Tuscany and of northern Italy. Lurini's entertainment skills, as well as his thorough preparation, are easily understood by looking at some of his well-established and appreciated shows, like "Burlibidinaufragi" or “L’infernale pasticcio” ("The infernal mess"). In the former he presents a number of "Decameron" novels rewritten for a third millennium audience and told with or without the help of puppets, big cases, relics and more; with the latter he traces the first twenty chants of Dante's Inferno in a comic-buffonesque register, illustrating them with the help of a theater-costume and with a philological eye (only one, the other not). Messer Lurinetto, known as Stroncapettini (Combcrusher), is a jester, storyteller and rhyming improviser who walks on the edge between what can and can not be said. He is an acrobat of double meanings, a firewalker on the burning rhymes, a verbal spitfire. He will also stage the show “Folle la guerra e chi per lui si svena ma non meno l’amor a morte mena” (“Crazy the war and who for him all gives but not less leads love to death”).

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