It has the following objectives and purposes:

-the enhancement of our cultural heritage, made of landscapes, monuments, crafts, artworks, popular traditions;

- the involvement of accommodation facilities and restaurants in order to increase tourism;

- a growth in education and cultural refinement;

- strengthening the local economy and, why not improving the quality of our life, even if only slightly.

This is why we work with the medieval archaeologist Marco Valenti, professor at the University of Siena. In particular, our scientific collaboration aims at defining the quality standards regarding:

-a general philological reliability of the representation as a whole;

- the care of urban layout and settings;

- the accuracy of dresses and outfits.

In short, it is the philological rigour and the knowledge of history which makes the difference with a local celebration or a folklore happening.

Such an approach and, consequently, the choice of having only craftsmen combining an indisputable philological quality and a great attraction for people, together with the high level of artistic performances and the specific re-enactment moments tailored on medieval. Monteriggioni, needs constant commitment, lasting for the entire year before the festival. For example, a remarkable work has been carried out to uniform the wooden working desks and all the covers used for the different activities.

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