Banquet at the Castle
5 JULY 2018 at 8pm
Piazza Roma

€ 35 per person
Tel. 0577 304 834 or info@monteriggioniturismo.it

The "Banchetto al Castello" (“Banquet at the Castle”), a magnificent start of the medieval festival of Monteriggioni in one of the most evocative squares of Italy. The banquet traces the history of the castle through ancient dishes. A cheerful evening in harmony, with many surprises that cannot be missed.

The menu will be as follows:

"Delights of the saltus"
Cold cuts of Cinta Senese

"Peasant wisdom"
Chickpeas and emmer wheat soup

"La bonne viande des barbares"
Beer marinated chicken with vegetables

"In the manner of King Rotari"
Roasted suckling pig with broad beans
"Delights of the ager"
Emmer wheat, pine nuts and ricotta cheese cake

Red wine from the Land of the Hills of Siena

«My straw hat goes to old Sambuco the greengrocer for giving me sometimes a bunch of leeks early in the morning, to make a good stomach and stimulate appetite. Also, Master Allegretto the cellerer receives my broad strap and the pouch, for filling up my barrels every time I had a need for it, as well as for other services. Also, to master Martin the cook I give my knife with its sheath since now and again he cooked turnips under the embers and prepared a bean soup with onions for me, dishes that fit my nature much better than turtle-doves, partridges and pies (...)».

(Giulio Cesare Croce, Le sottilissime astuzie di Bertoldo, Rizzoli Editore, Milano 1973)