Les Danseuses de Sheherazade

I nipoti di Merlino (Merlin’s Grandchildren)
May 30, 2019
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Les Danseuses de Sheherazade


Les Danseuses De Sheherazade (The dancers of the moon) is the name of a close-knit oriental dance group from Città di Castello. For years now they have been consolidating their skills to transform their passion into a real company of performers.
Weekly rehearsals throughout the year, continuous improvements and new ideas for always renovated choreographic proposals are the secret of this group of oriental dancers. Not only choreographies, but also the care of costumes and personal appearance are considered crucial points by the girls.
Each choreography is specifically studied, refining the steps and combining them with the most varied styles of dances, while the stage costumes are accurately chosen or expressly made to fit the show’s theme. Les Danseuses de Sheherazade perform in theaters, TVs, clubs and squares, festivals and cultural events, historical re-enactments and international happenings.
The dance styles practiced by the company are: Drum solo, Marhaganat, Veil, Shaabi, Baladi, Mejance, Melaya (a typical folk style of Alexandria in Egypt), Saidi stick dancing, Tribal belly dance, Tribal fusion, Arabic flamenco, Fan veil (a dance with fans) and reggaeton! Les Danseuses de Sheherazade also participated in the 2019 season of "Italia's got talent" and they have been guests of the program "I soliti ignoti" conducted by the Italian TV presenter Amadeus. Don’t miss the show of the Danseuses to learn more about a different and magical world and culture.

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