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L’Agresto – Rievocazione storica (The Verjuice – Historical re-enactment)

June 29, 2018
Il gobbo – The Hunchback
June 29, 2018
G.S.D. Quercegrossa and A.S.D. Castellina Scalo
June 29, 2018

L'Agresto is Monteriggioni’s cultural association that coordinates the reconstruction and re-enactments events during the festival, as well as the drum performances and the shows of the armed companies. It specializes in the re-enacting of music, art and medieval cuisine. L’Agresto is composed by several members: artisans, the Tamburini di Monteriggioni (Monteriggioni Drummers) and the armed Compagnia dei Leoni Bianchi (White Lions Company). Among the different crafts, the association also reconstructs "The route of spices and herbs" or "The Workshop of Health", the atelier of a medieval apothecary. The task of an apothecary was to find, through his own alchemical, spagyric and magical knowledge, the remedies for every evil: the universal panacea. A real laboratory, in which containers of all types and shapes were arranged in fine order, containing unguents, minerals, essences, tinctures, herbs and roots, rare spices of every kind and animal parts. The reconstruction revives the tenacity, the emotions and the enthusiasm of these valiant pioneers of Science and Knowledge.


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