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Giochi della Torre (Tower Games), Flag-wavers

May 30, 2019
Errabundi Musici
May 30, 2019
Safiya, Belly Dancer
May 30, 2019

In 1956, for the first time, Querceta in Versilia organized an event with the aim of giving greater prominence to the celebrations Saint Joseph, the town Patron. It was named “PALIO DEI MICCI” (micci is a dialect word for donkeys) and it wanted to be a satirical imitation of the Palio of Siena; but it soon turned, already from the second edition, into a historical-folkloristic happening, aimed at reviving local history and legends. In the early 1960s the Contrada “La Lucertola” (“The Lizard”) began organizing its own event called “GIOCO DELLA TORRE” (“Tower game”). It celebrates the humble work of olive pickers who, at the end of the harvest season, used to challenge each other in strength competitions, pushing around the heavy millstones used for pressing the olives. This game gave the name to our Flag-wavers and Musicians Group, to be counted among the founders of the Italian Federation of Flag-wavers (and still being a member of the same association). There is a feature that distinguishes our group from others: besides using normal size flags (the standard Tuscan flag), we also perform with double-sized flags (about 3x3 m). These originated from the large sheets “waved” by the olive harvesters to inform the castles that their work was completed. The flag-wavers of the “Gioco della torre” also take part, on behalf and in the name of the Contrada “La Lucertola”, at the Palio dei Micci and all connected events. Moreover they participate at all the events organized by the Italian Federation of Flag-wavers, such as the Absolute and the Under-15 championships. They are also invited to events in Italy and abroad where, together with the ladies, knights and armed men of the Contrada, they have always been successful in keeping up the name and traditions of our land. Performance with large flags in Foix (France)


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