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Compagnia di Santo Macinello (Santo Macinello Company)

June 29, 2018
La Bu’a De’ Frati – Siena Club Corrente Bianco Nera
June 29, 2018
Tavern of Gnagno – Protezione Civile Castellina Scalo
June 29, 2018

The “Premiata Compagnia Viaggiante d'Arte Scenica di Santo Macinello” (“Santo Macinello Award-Winning Travelling Company of Scenic Art”) proposes comic performances of medieval style storytelling for children and adults. A monk, a soldier of fortune and a seer, stroll along the streets and alleys of the village in search of the "right path of redemption". In their wanderings they entertain the audience by telling their adventures and by offering improbable services, proposing very comic sermons and trying to deceive the unlucky passers-by with the "dark arts" of clairvoyance.


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